Owens Truckmen is a company that specializes in container drayage. We also offer our customers additional trucking services. In business since 1890, Owens Truckmen Inc. has the experience as well as multiple locations in both New York and New Jersey giving us the capability as well as the availability to accommodate our customers with same day and next day service. Our employees will help make your delivery experience an easy one, checking all freight, making appointments and making sure the final delivery is complete. Owens Truckmen uses a software system that ties in with all New York and New Jersey piers as well as all of U.S. piers updating container status every 5 minutes. This allows our customers to know the status of all shipments and allowing us to make appointments quicker and deliver the freight faster.

Services Offered by Owens Truckmen:

Container Drayage in 48 States


Container Storage

Overweight Permits

Export Loading

Export Loading

Alcohol Permits

Palletize and Shrink Wrap

Palletize and Shrink Wrap

Truckload Services

Owens Truckmen has positioned itself to fill a growing transportation gap that neither shippers nor carriers can fill individually, And by including our logistcs specialists in your sales and order forecasting, we more accurately preplan your equipment and power requirements. We learn your company;s needs, and leverage our expertise to take appropriate actions before your competitors do. Through this proactive approach, we achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Less-Than Truckload Services

Owens Truckmen will help you see your options clearly so you can make the best possible decisions for you business. We'll simplify your load booking process and provide you with a dedicated contact to coordinate all your LTL needs. Rates are customized to your operations. LTL Service is local, regional and national. Includes daily tracking from point of origin to destination.
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